The Konnected Alarm Panel and Konnected Alarm Panel Pro are IoT devices for connecting wired sensors and signaling devices to a smart home. Konnected supports and maintains platform integrations with popular smart phone apps like SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant and others (see for details).

This Konnected Alarm Panel API allows for independent developers and 3rd parties to integrate Konnected devices into their own network (IP) based local smart home or private cloud service.

Two-way REST API

Once provisioned with a REST Endpoint, Konnected devices communicate with a smart home platform or server on the local network or via HTTP calls in two directions. The Konnected device makes a HTTP call to the platform/server when the state of any connected sensor changes, and the platform/server can make a HTTP call to the Konnected device to actuate a switch or siren, or query the state of sensors.