This API definition applies to the Konnected Alarm Panel and Alarm Panel Pro or ESP8266 or ESP32 devices running Konnected alarm panel firmware.

The Konnected Alarm Panel and Konnected Alarm Panel Pro are IoT devices for connecting wired sensors and signaling devices to a smart home. Konnected supports and maintains platform integrations with popular smart phone apps like SmartThings, Alexa, Home Assistant and others (see for details).

This Konnected Alarm Panel API allows for independent developers and 3rd parties to integrate Konnected devices into their own network (IP) based local smart home or private cloud service.

Open & Freely Available Firmware

Konnected's Alarm Panel device firmware is freely available and can be installed on an ESP8266 or ESP32 device. Easily install the firmware on your device from

Konnected Security is the original open-source device firmware for the ESP8266 that inspired the Konnected Alarm Panel product and company. The firmware is open-source and based on the NodeMCU Lua firmware framework.


This guide is written for the latest version of Konnected's alarm panel firmware:

  • v3.1.5 for the Alarm Panel / ESP8266
  • v1.3.3 for the Alarm Panel Pro / ESP32

Two-way Communication

Once provisioned with an Endpoint, Konnected devices communicate with a smart home platform in two directions. The Konnected device pushes updates to the platform/server when the state of any connected sensor changes, and the platform/server pushes updates to Konnected device to turn on/off a switch, siren, buzzer or other actuator.

There are two supported endpoint types on Konnected Alarm Panel devices, described in more detail below:

  1. HTTP API Endpoint
  2. AWS IoT Endpoint


Konnected devices only support one single endpoint at any given time. It's not currently supported to connect a Konnected Alarm Panel to multiple platforms simultaneously.

HTTP API Endpoint

Use the HTTP API Endpoint to set up a server or smart home platform on your local network to act as a controller for Konnected devices. Examples of open-source live integrations that act as HTTP API Endpoints are Konnected's Home Assistant integration, Konnected's Homebridge plugin, and Konnected's Hubitat app.

Developers can create their own server or service running on a local or internet hosted web server to receive real-time updates from Konnected Alarm Panels, or implement a driver or plugin for a smart home automation platform.

Learn more about building a HTTP API Endpoint

AWS IoT Endpoint

Build your own private cloud application using AWS IoT and Konnected! Konnected Alarm Panel devices can connect directly to AWS IoT using MQTT over WebSocket protocols. Konnected devices publish messages to AWS IoT in real-time as sensor states change. State change commands to trigger sirens, switches, and buzzers are published to AWS IoT by your application, and subscribed to by Konnected devices.

The persistent connection to AWS IoT is secured using AWS best practices regarding authentication, encryption and IoT security. You build your application logic using AWS services like Lambda in response to AWS IoT messages.

Konnected uses AWS IoT internally to run our Konnected Cloud service. Learn more about building a Konnected Alarm Panel application on AWS IoT